Do you want something a little different on your wedding day? Super 8 might be it! Film is nostalgic and very romantic. It’s why we love creating it. There is only one chance to capture the clip. No re-dos and no instant play back to see if you got it right. That keeps you in the moment. A very rare thing in the video world.




3 minute films using vintage Super 8 cameras

Wedding Super 8 film

The Greystone Inn

January 2022

Super 8 Film

JuneBug Retro Resort Wedding

June 2021

Becky & Chris

Engagement Film Session

Super 8

Mary & Mark


How much does it cost?

The cost comes from the actual film + being processed in a lab from California. We charge $600 for the first hour and $400 for each additional hour needed. This includes a 3 minute highlight video with music overlay.

Can you do a blend of Super 8 and regular digital video?

Yes. We have found this to be a popular option. It’s a beautiful contrast between old + new and makes really dynamic videos. The price point remains the same.

How do you capture ceremonies in Super 8?

We do not capture the entire ceremony using Super 8 film. We will take a few clips during the ceremony but not continuously. If you’d like to add the full raw ceremony using digital video let us know!

Does Super 8 capture audio?

The vintage camera does not capture audio. If you have special vows we use another digital camera set up to capture audio to overlay with the Super 8 video.